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The true measure of a home is the quality with which it is built. It can only be achieved by striking an artful balance between structure and style. As one of Washington D.C.’s most experienced building companies, we provide homeowners with an unparalleled level of service.

From finding the most authentic raw materials possible to researching the impact of local environmental factors on the wood in your home, our team takes every detail into consideration in a way that surpasses function. Our local savvy enables us to navigate regional codes like beltway insiders. We have never shied away from a complicated build. From raising the height of a historical home by its foundation to creating a seaside retreat with historically authentic fixtures, Zantzinger is always up to the challenge. 

We don’t just build homes, we build livable works of art.

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Our Story

For Richard Zantzinger, it all started at age 8, when his mother collaborated with a local architect and builder to design what would become the family’s new home. Nearly 30 years later, Zantzinger credits this moment in time for his professional epiphany. From that point on, he knew he wanted to build houses. 

In 1991, after working for another local builder, Zantzinger and longtime colleague Mickey Mauck decided to start their own company: Mauck Zantzinger and Associates. Their first major project was an extensive home renovation in Cleveland Park. As the company began to cement a reputation for excellence within the area, they were able to take on a wider variety of high-end home builds and renovations. 

“Our commitment to cultivating and rewarding our team means we aren’t just builders, we’re a family.”

A lot has changed since that first major project, including our name, but there’s one thing we’ll never compromise on – our dedication to creating masterfully crafted and meticulously detailed works of art you can call home.

About Us


Leadership / Site Leads
Dan Gummere Project Manager +

Dan graduated from St. Mary’s College with a degree in economics and has been a member of the Zantzinger team since 2015.

Contact: [email protected]

Galina Yordanova CFO, Principal +

Originally from Bulgaria, Galina has been a vital member of the Zantzinger team for over 16 years. Coming from a family of a father architect and a mother engineer, and holding a Masters of Science in Engineering degree herself, she found a new creative home with the company. She loves seeing architect’s vision, builder’s craftsmanship and designer’s touch coming together to deliver not just a house where clients live, but a home where clients love.

Contact: [email protected]

Gavin Stannard Principal +

An alumnus of the University of Maryland and D.C. native, Gavin has been a member of the Zantzinger team for 20 years. He believes starting building projects off the right way are the key to success.

Contact: [email protected]

Jack Wessells COO, Principal +

The expertise that comes from working with Zantzinger for 23 years and a lifetime of building with your hands have made Jack an invaluable part of our team. His favorite feature in homes is usually the staircases because they set the tone for the entire house. According to Jack’s personal building philosophy, “There’s only one right, and there’s only one done.” His interest in restoring antique equipment has come in handy in unexpected ways on projects over the years.

Contact: [email protected] 

Jonny Rogers Project Manager +

Jonny joined the Zantzinger team in 2016. He is motivated every day knowing that his work has a direct impact on the success of the team, and ultimately the success of the project.

Contact: [email protected]

Mickey Mauck Co-founder +

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Mickey founded Mauck Zantzinger and Associates with Richard 28 years ago. Since then, he’s remained an integral part of the business, providing insight and expertise. When it comes to building, his personal philosophy is to listen to the homeowner and make sure you deliver the goods.

Contact: [email protected]

Mitchell Sams Project Manager +

Originally from College Station, Texas, Mitchell joined the Zantzinger team in 2018. He believes that it’s much easier to build something right the first time and you can see that ethos in his exceptional work. His favorite recent project was a renovation with a gorgeous kitchen opening out onto a flagstone terrace. Off the job, Mitchell also pursues building and restoring furniture as a woodworker.

Contact: [email protected]

Richard Zantzinger Founder +

Since 1991, Richard and his team have helped create some of the most stunning homes in and around Washington. His building philosophy is simple: All buildings can and should be beautiful.

Contact: [email protected]

Wendy Barahona Office Manager +

A D.C. native, Wendy has been a vital part of the Zantzinger team for four years. Knowing she’s helped someone build their dream home is the most rewarding and satisfying part of her job. Her favorite homes are those that balance modern living with function and a welcoming environment.

Contact: [email protected]

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Danny Little Jr.
Dave Tillman
Guy Huber
Heath Edquist
Jim Chisnell Jr.
John Purcell
John Rafter
Mark Ferris
Pete Herrmann
Rich Grob
Rick Jones
Ron Wolfe
Terry Smith
Vince Arillo


Home & Design, Spring 2019
“Curated Flair”

Architecture DC, Winter 2018
“Fine Points”

Home & Design, Late Fall 2018
“Classic Style”

Home & Design, Summer 2017
“Subtle Patina”

Home & Design, Late Fall 2014
“Preserving History”



AIA Award of Excellence, 2017
Residential Architecture: “West River House”

John Russell Pope Awards, 2017
Addition / Renovation over 5,000 sf

John Russell Pope Awards, 2015
Honorable Mention Recipients: “Queen Anne Revival”

RA Design Awards: Restoration/Preservation, 2013
“Four Pavilions”, Washington DC

Architecture DC, Summer 2012
“Restoring Majesty to a Queen Anne Revival House”

Architecture DC, Winter 2010
“Hollerith House”

Architecture DC, Summer 2009
“Potomac River House”

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