Zantzinger has been the established insider’s choice for artfully built homes for over 30 years. Our reputation is built on a comprehensive knowledge of architectural styles, building sciences, and the most current technology to craft anything from contemporary minimalist masterpieces and classically designed homes to sensitive renovations of historic structures. Zantzinger is committed to staying up to date with new products, construction techniques, technical advancements, and “best use” research of building practices to improve our work and maintain our leadership in the industry. As one of Washington D.C.’s most experienced builders, we provide an exceptional level of service and efficiency while committing to using the most authentic raw materials to help reduce the environmental impact of any project. A Zantzinger-built home means a guarantee of unparalleled quality, artistry, and endurance. 


  • Richard Zantzinger, Founder

    Richard Zantzinger


    Since 1991, Richard and his team have helped create some of the most stunning homes in and around Washington. Zantzinger’s reputation has been built on the firm’s commitment to his personal philosophy: All buildings can and should be beautiful. What he loves most about the company is the dedication of the men and women who come to work every day to go above and beyond in time and effort to beautifully execute their crafts.

  • Mickey Mauck, Co-founder

    Mickey Mauck


    Mickey, a Baltimore native, founded Mauck Zantzinger and Associates with Richard Zantzinger in 1991 and since then he’s remained an integral part of the business, providing insight, expertise, and a commitment to his personal philosophy: listen to the homeowner and make sure you deliver the goods.

  • Galina Yordanova, CFO, Principal

    Galina Yordanova

    CFO, Principal

    Originally from Bulgaria, Galina has been a vital member of the Zantzinger team since 2002. With a father who is an architect and a mother who is an engineer, she was drawn from a young age to the building arts. Holding a Master of Science degree in Engineering herself, she found a creative home with the company. She loves seeing an architect’s vision, a builder’s craftsmanship, and a designer’s touch coming together to deliver not just a house where clients live, but a home that clients love.

  • Jack Wessells, COO, Principal

    Jack Wessells

    COO, Principal

    The expertise that comes from working with Zantzinger since 1995 and a lifetime of building with his hands make Jack an invaluable part of our team. His favorite feature in a home is usually the staircase because it sets the tone for the entire house. Jack’s personal building philosophy is that “There’s only one right, and there’s only one done”. His interest in restoring antique equipment has come in handy in unexpected ways on many projects over the years.

  • Gavin Stannard, Principal

    Gavin Stannard


    Gavin, a D.C. native, has been a member of the Zantzinger team since 1999. He believes starting building projects off the right way is the key to success and sees that this goal is met for every client and on every job site.

  • Dan Gummere, Principal

    Dan Gummere


    Dan has been a member of the Zantzinger team since 2015. With a degree in economics, he keeps our projects on time and on budget. He knows that a successful project lies in the behind-the-scenes details as much as a well-run building site.



  • Jonny Rogers, Project Manager

    Jonny Rogers

    Project Manager

    Jonny joined the Zantzinger team in 2016. He is motivated every day knowing that his work has a direct impact on the success of the team, and ultimately the success of the project by keeping strict control of every detail that goes into a well-built home.

  • Mitchell Sams, Project Manager

    Mitchell Sams

    Project Manager

    Originally from College Station, Texas, Mitchell joined the Zantzinger team in 2018. He believes that it’s much easier to build something right the first time and his exceptional work is faithful to that ethos. Mitchell also puts his love of woodworking into building and restoring furniture.

  • Wendy Barahona, Office Manager

    Wendy Barahona

    Office Manager

    A native of D.C., Wendy has been an essential part of the Zantzinger team since 2015. Knowing she’s contributed her many skills to helping someone build their dream home is the most rewarding and satisfying part of her job. Her favorite homes are those that balance modern living with function and a welcoming environment.

  • Beau Gillespie, Manager, Handyman Division

    Beau Gillespie

    Manager, Handyman Division

    A native Washingtonian, Beau helps manage customer service, small projects, and the handyman division at Zantzinger. He enjoys working in the many Zantzinger houses he has admired for years, contributing his skills to the detailed processes required for a successful build.

  • Alexa Bartenfelder, Junior Project Manager

    Alexa Bartenfelder

    Junior Project Manager

    Growing up in the DC area, Alexa was surrounded by the neoclassical architecture and decorative design of the city. To her, architecture is the process of transforming a painting into physical form, which led her to study environmental design. What drew her to Zantzinger was essentially their motto ‘artfully built’ because for her the process of building shouldn’t be solely essential but also beautiful.

  • Gordon Kayfus, Junior Project Manager

    Gordon Kayfus

    Junior Project Manager

    For Gordon, Zantzinger and the building industry, in general, are about detail, precision, and quality. The process of construction from start to finish while meticulously attending to every detail, along with the ability to make the homeowners’ visions come to life, are the most rewarding aspects of his work.


site leads

  • Jim Chisnell Jr.
  • Mark Colza
  • Heath Edquist
  • Rich Grob
  • Mark Ferris
  • Celestino Guevara
  • Angel Hernandes
  • Pete Herrman
  • Guy Huber
  • Handel Johnson
  • Danny Little Jr.
  • John Purcell
  • John Rafter
  • Terry Smith
  • Dave Tillman
  • John Willson
  • Ron Wolfe


Architecture DC
House. Pool. Garden

AIA, Northern Virginia Chapter: Award of Excellence
Residential Architecture

AIA Award of Excellence
Residential Architecture: West River House

John Russell Pope Awards
Addition / Renovation over 5,000 sf

John Russell Pope Awards
Honorable Mention Recipients: Queen Anne Revival

RA Design Awards: Restoration/Preservation
Four Pavilions, Washington DC

Architecture DC
Restoring Majesty to a Queen Anne Revival House

Architecture DC
Hollerith House

Architecture DC
Potomac River House